E waste must be cut

If you have a fridge, or indeed any electrical goods, you need to get rid of, be sure to take your items to a recycling centre. Because thought it's 2024, it seems we're still not getting the message about the need to recycle for a circular economy.

The charity Buglife is warning that development is causing the extinction of insects that once thrived in the UK

South Devon College launches eco qualifications

South Devon College is launching three new qualifications for people who want to make a career in the field of sustainability

Jonathan Porritt

He's one of the best known environmentalists and he's on a mission to ensure we all realise it can't just be business as usual if we want a world that's habitable

A Brunel University student has developed a fungi-filled tile that could help improve air quality in urban areas

The Cornwall based reclaimed lighting company says it will become CO2 neutral within three years and it's declared a climate emergency

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) in Plymouth has been awarded £400,000, which will improve its research facilities, reinforcing its position as leader in marine science.

The Oil Machine is a new film that aims to show us how oil is destroying the planet

The Oil Machine is a new documentary from director Emma Davie that shows us the true price of our dependence on oil and asks if activists and investors can bring about a global shift to non fossil fuel energy

Drainage experts Lanes Group has produced an infographic showing how microplastics are infiltrating all areas of the planet, including our bodies.