• Danish eco start-up Sprout has taken window sill food cultivation up a notch with their plant a pencil and watch it grow...basil, tomatoes, parsley, micro greens, whatever takes your fancy

  • Grow fruit and veg at home in containers

    However large or small your outside space, use it to benefit you and the environment

Dobbies garden full of Meadowmat flowers

The garden industry is pretty green already, it's certainly streets ahead of the big supermarkets, particularly when it comes to packaging. But there's no room for complacency and all it takes is for people to read the labels or ask few questions before buying

Cyclamens are hardy for winter flowering

Lots of us tend to think flowers grow in the garden only from spring to early autumn. But we're forgetting our winter friend the cyclamen, which grows in myriad colours and comes in different sizes too. 

birds benefit from food from us in winter

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is urging us to keep an eye out for our fine friends with feathers as the weather turns colder 

Encourage bats to your garden

Unlike our friends with feathers, bats generally get a bad rap. But that's unwarranted because there are very few vampire bats (and none in the UK), and bats do not attack humans. In fact, we should be encouraging these shy little creatures because they bring many benefits to our gardens

Buy flowers or grow your own..whichever, they'll cheer you up

Lots of us are buying flowers fairly regularly because well..they look lovely and cheer us up. But they are an expense, so if you've got room, start growing flowers in your garden. And to avoid the annoyance of them wilting in a few days, we have some maintenance tips.

A Griffin glasshouse

Should you be fortunate to have a greenhouse, or be planning one, there is a lot to be done in it over December and early new year, says Linda Lane of Griffin Glasshouses

Should you have a garden that's big enough, it makes sense to put in a garden room - it can be a home office, somewhere to put growing kids, sprightly grandparents or overnight guests, and, of course, a place to escape to. We're approaching 2024 and sheds ain't what they used to be you know

Insideout Garden Art

If you not familiar with outdoor art and don't think pictures belong in the garden, well Yorkshire's Insideout Garden Art begs to differ. So if you look out on an empty wall or fence, turn it into a gallery space!

Collapsible and moveable compost bag from Wilko

Don't have a large garden and certainly not one with space for a compost heap? Well this nifty bag gets round the problem