Peony Red Charm

Nurseryman Alec White of Befordshire’s Primrose Hall Nursery urges us to fill our gardens with peonies, that most lushly petalled beauty

If you don't have a sunny south-facing garden, it can be hard to know what plants will grow in part-shade and complete shade. Well help is at hand

Count the butterflies in your garden

Chris Packham, vice president of Butterfly Conservation, is urging us to do our bit for that most exquisite of garden insects, the butterfly. Give them flowers, give them nectar, give them colour..

We're waking up to the urgent need to halt climate change and lobbying governments and industries is crucial. But don't think of yourself as a powerless tiny cog in the machine because behavioural change x millions does help the planet

British birds are struggling it would seem

This year's Big Garden Birdwatch recorded a reduction in sightings of many species of birds that call Britain home. But the hardy house sparrow seems to be doing ok

garden rooms are fab

We needed an extra room that could be an office, a telly space for teens and even a spare bedroom. The garden was the obvious place but it is a pocket handkerchief space. Joiner and builder Tim Mansfield wasn't fazed.

Stop Digging ground screws are great for small building projects

For small projects such as garden rooms, is it time to embrace the ground screw over concrete for the all important foundations?

Lavender smells divine and is adored by bees

If you have some outside space, make 2019 the year to make it absolutely fabulous

Renowned for its violas and Wild Swan anemone, this Dumfries & Galloway nursery has launched its 2019 catalogue; if you're after plants for a cottage garden, you're spoiled for choice

Lawn School with David Hedges Gower

David Hedges Gower is on a mission banish lawn neglect. A well-tended lawn is a work of natural beauty, so if you want to learn how to keep yours in rude health, heed his advice

we need bees.

Bee numbers continue to decline in the UK, and in other parts of the world. Bees play a crucial role in our eco system so we need to help them out urgently.

mona leafa by Nathan Wyburn

B&Q asked artist Nathan Wyburn to use a lawn as a canvas and leaves as his paint