Bee and hops on emerald glass by Rowan McOnegal

Artist Rowan McOnegal produces exquisite glass wallhangings, as well as stained glass for doors and windows

Do you bit to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by using Wrag Wrap

Wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly fabric that looks and feels remarkably like wrapping paper. Wrag Wrap won't tear or degrade, and it's meant to be re-used again and again

Thomas Sanderson

The company was delighted to be contacted by customers asking if blinds bought in 1991 could be restrung - yes was the answer and the products are set for another 26 years' use

Tony Hawk on his Iris board

The perfect Christmas gift for the eco-minded skateboard mad teen...a recycled skateboard skateboard. Now you can follow in Tony Hawk's slipstream

Trompe l'oeil images are proving very popular

If you not familiar with outdoor art and don't think pictures belong in the garden, well Yorkshire's Insideout Garden Art begs to differ.

Bailey Bud vase collection from Flowerbx

You get five sweet little glass vases in different shapes in the Bailey Bud vase collection from online flower people Flowerbx

Savon Stories soaps and organic body care products are UK made

Pretty soaps are always irresistible and when they're organic and full of wholesome ingredients, and come in wrapping that evokes a walk in a wild flower meadow, well you just want to line your shelves with them

Ethical and fair trade brand Sep offers exquisite hand-embroidered homewares and decorative accessories. Pieces are hand-made by Palestinian refugees in Jordan who are skilled in the art of cross stitching; and four years into the project, some 800 women are working with Sep

Heart Wood from Dulux

Yes, colours, like people, need championing, so let's hear it for warm pinky mauve Heart Wood, which Dulux has crowned COTY 2018 - Egloo says it can warm up a 20m2 space by 2-3 degrees in 30 minutes

If you get chilly while working late at your desk, or you need a bit of heat during an al fresco supper, the Egloo could be just the thing to give you that soupçon of additional heat to keep you going

Bicoca portable lamp

Portable lamps are such a good idea and Marset's Bicoca is a great example of this growing genre of rechargeable lighting

Fruitopia.. grab a piece and go...

Kingston University student George Woolley has a novel proposal to get us to eat more fruit...take apples, pears, bananas etc out of the fruit bowl and mount them in a plum position on the wall instead. His design is called Fruitopia. Loony or a damn good idea?