Linen cloth from Chalk Pink Linen

Looks like covid means it'll be a staycation this summer - in which case why not do some work on your homestead and help those retailers struggling to stay in business?

Small businesses need our business! We love the work of model maker Timothy Richards, especially his renditions of classic British design, so if you're after a quirky present for someone, take a look

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon's Ikeru vase range allows for minimalist creativity

Forget great big bouquets, the Ikeru vases from Fritz Hansen allow you to do wonders with single stems

Newgate clocks - Mr Davies retro clock
Desktop, pinnable, foldable, from Woven Image, £135

Everyone competing for workspace on the kitchen table? why not mark out your territory with Desktop, an eco-friendly, sound absorbing mini screen

Meaco's 1056 Air Circulator

UK summer weather is so darn hot it's impossible to function without a fan. But lots of them are deafeningly loud, so those nice quiet people at Quiet Mark have highlighted fans that won't keep you awake at night

 Skär Organics

Skär Organics offers the first certified organic, UK-made candles, unfragranced and scented.