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recycle and then recycle some more

The EU wants the UK to be recycling half of its waste by the end of next year. We may well have decoupled from the EU by then, but don't allow Brexit to make you let up on recycling

People who want a home of their own in super expensive London are increasingly looking at the viability of living on a canal boat, since they are much more affordable than a flat. But how easy is it to live in a confined space that floats?

blinds for bifold doors dotcomblinds.com

Blinds offer the best solution for window treatments. They can be eminently affordable, easy to install and they give a smart finished look to all rooms

Clearing space at home is great but you can't put the stuff you want to get rid of in the bin..so what are the best ways to keep your unwanted possessions in the circular economy?

If you're in the capital, or any big city, and you've got the builders in, you can't ignore the question of where will the waste from your project go? Working with your builders to minimise landfill waste is the best way to help achieve a circular economy

We're all familiar with air pollution but noise pollution is just as ubiquitous and can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. So can we mitigate its worst effects?

Online searches for volunteering roles went up by 124 per cent over the past year. So what can we read into that - that we're empathetic and caring, we hate being stuck at home and are prepared to work for free, or a bit of both?

Moving house can be stressful but it's also a chance to turn over a new leaf and start living more sustainably

If you're planning a self-build project, why not work with your architect to incorporate building materials derived from waste

Trex Contour is made with the EU market in mind

In the US it's become a generic term for decking, though Trex isn't so well known on our side of the pond. Yet. But it's wooing us Europeans with its new Trex Contour decking, which is super eco, super hardwearing and super smart

Roman blinds and curtains are a great combination

Roman blinds are fast becoming the nation's favourite window treatment, but there are other options too, depending on your needs and budget

plants indoors are a boon for air quality

If you're fed up with your living space, give it a bit of an eco makeover in the run up to spring