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Interior designers share their tips for updating your space when you don't have a mountain of cash to splash

Online searches for volunteering roles went up by 124 per cent over the past year. So what can we read into that - that we're empathetic and caring, we hate being stuck at home and are prepared to work for free, or a bit of both?

Garden trends have altered hugely over the past decade as people change the way they use their gardens; and making them more eco-friendly is a key aim these days

Jacaranda wool carpet

If you prefer carpet to hard flooring, make sure your choice doesn't come with a heavy carbon footprint

It's lovely to get a new sofa or bed when the one you've lived with for years gets too uncomfortable for further use. But out with the old means where does it go.. not onto the corner of your street in the dead of night and certainly not to landfill. So what's the answer?

If you're planning a self-build project, why not work with your architect to incorporate building materials derived from waste

People who want a home of their own in super expensive London are increasingly looking at the viability of living on a canal boat, since they are much more affordable than a flat. But how easy is it to live in a confined space that floats?

Marmoleum is a brand name for linoleum, made by Forbo Nairn

Flooring is one of the most important elements of an interior and the good news is there are lots of eco-friendly options at prices to suit all budgets

Bet you never thought of a TV in the bathroom..

Bathroom design doesn't stand still. Bathrooms are becoming ever more luxurious as technology makes them both more eco friendly and entertainment focused

plants indoors are a boon for air quality

If you're fed up with your living space, give it a bit of an eco makeover in the run up to Christmas

We're all familiar with air pollution but noise pollution is just as ubiquitous and can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. So can we mitigate its worst effects?

recycle and then recycle some more

The EU wants the UK to be recycling half of its waste by the end of next year. We may well have decoupled from the EU by then, but don't allow Brexit to make you let up on recycling