Take A Ball Of String

Take A Ball Of String

Jemima Schlee's new book shows you how to make useful, attractive homewares from that most useful and ubiquitous material..a ball of string

By Abby Trow
new book by Jemima Schlee

String has many connotations and lots of idioms.. and most homes will have a ball or two in a kitchen drawer. But we are missing a trick when it comes to the versatility of string, which is why Jemima Schlee's new book is such a motivating read. So get your needles out and add another string to your creative bow.... Take A Ball of String is published by GMC (The Guild of Master Craftsmen) and costs £12.99.


Let's pull some strings.. or rather knit, crochet and weave those balls of string we have lying around into something useful and pretty.

So urges craft expert Jemima Schlee, who thinks thrift and upcycling aficionados are missing a trick when it comes to string, surely the most underappreciated of yarns.


The book offers step by step guides..so as long as you can knit you should be fine
A string lampshade...very pretty indeed
A useful and surprisingly capacious shopping bag
Jemima Schlee, a former art director for Laura Ashley

In the book Schlee takes you through 16 projects that are easy for anyone who's ever wielded a pair of knitting needles, or a crochet hook. And some pieces just require coiling and knotting string. Her designs include a contemporary striped lampshade, a colourful shopping bag and a handy tablet computer cover, and you've got step-by-step instructions to follow so you can't go wrong..

And the author - a former art director at Laura Ashley - has some interesting facts and figures about string...such as it's been in use for several thousand years, that it can be made from jute, linen, cotton, leather, and of course from synthetic fibres such as nylon. And these days it's not brown but comes in every colour of the rainbow and you can even dye yours to the shade you want. 

Take a Ball of String takes thriftiness to the next level and demonstrates how simple it is to make beautiful home accessories. From rustic garden twine to soft cotton braid, take an everyday household item, add some creative flair and there’s nothing you can’t make!