Retail therapy for eco-friendly shoppers

Retail therapy for eco-friendly shoppers

It will get warmer in the not so distant future, so perhaps you're thinking about improving the garden. But then again, new cushions never go amiss, nor do mugs or glasses...and an indoor air purifier could be tempting... here's Deco's latest eclectic shopping guide

By Noah Dugall
Hand made coppiced hazel garden bench, £100, des Res Design

A simple coppiced hazel bench is perfect for country gardens. Hand-made in the UK, the benches are approx H107xW13xD46cm and no two are identical. £100 from

Spring will be here in a month or two and it has the almost immediate effect of making many of us head to our nearest garden centre to buy plants.

If you don't have a garden, don't despair that the world of flora and veg is closed to you. Get into vertical gardening with Greenstack planters. Made from sustainable biodegradable material, fill the pouches with soil and grow flowers or salad plants such as lettuces. Planters should last for a good two growing seasons. £19.99 from

And if you do have some outside space, but nothing to sit on, perhaps now's the time to buy a bench. For an inexpensive, eco-friendly seat, the coppiced hazel bench from DesRes Design is a good buy at £100. Hand-made in the UK, it's sturdy and has a rustic charm. (It could benefit from some cushions if you've got a long book to get through.. ) 
Greenstack wall planters from cost £19.99
Citrus Zinger allows you to squeeze in the juice of the fruit of your choice into your water bottle, £14.99
Spruce 12-drawer storage unit with zinc top, £300,
Simple, elegant and exquisitely crafted Horseshoe oak chair by Steuart Padwick. H61.5xW53xD56cm POA.www

If you're a keen gardener with a shed or a covered area, and you're looking for something in which to store horticultural paraphernalia, Garden Trading has a useful and capacious 12-drawer chest (£300) made from spruce with a zinc top. It can't be left outside, but it's meant to cope with mud and muck and should age attractively over time.

And the thirsty gardener will want a bottle of water to hand.. perhaps a flavoured water at that. The Citrus Zinger from JD Harris is a water bottle that has a squeezer on one end, so you can infuse your H2O with the juice of your favourite fruit. £14.99

Indoor design pleasures


Villeroy & Boch's Artesano Original collection uses ceramic, acacia wood, cork and slate.
Essence Plus stemware by Alfredo Haberli, made in Germany for Finnish brand Littala.
For the angler in your life, Nicole Phillips England linen Trout cushion, £45.
Kissing fish linen cushion from Nicole Phillips
Karawan Authentic fair trade cushions are made from Himalayan nettles and silk.
Zaida hand-made fair trade wool cushion from Kashmir,
Toast pure linen cushions, 46x46cm, £42.
Roman blind Chair fabric from Jab Anstoez' Chivasso Whispers linen range, £82.50 per m
Bespoke Edwardian bureau upcycled by Out Of The Dark, £350,
Madur grass rug woven in India, from Toast, £79.

If your crockery is chipped and cracked, take it to the recycling centre and replace with some crisp white china. German brand Villeroy & Boch's new award-winning Artesano Original collection is modern, smart yet informal, and the 32-piece range combines porcelain with acacia wood, slate, and cork. Prices from £12. (The range won an honourable mention at the international Red Dot design awards in Frankfurt.)

For stemware, Finnish brand Littala has updated its elegant Essence range, designed by Alfredo Håberli in 2001. Haberli's new Essence Plus glasses are 'feminine and more rounded' and come in various sizes. Prices from £14.50, available at

Cushions are a huge business and there's no shortage of choice. Organic cotton cushion covers, however, are still surprisingly hard to get hold of, but linen ones are more readily available - linen is more eco-friendly because it comes from flax, which grows abundantly and doesn't need the huge quantities of water and pesticides that conventional cotton requires. 

UK company Toast has back-buttoned linen cushions covers in plain colours, (46x46cm, £42). Or why not get your local fabric shop to make some up for you using fabric you buy by the metre. Jab Anstoez' linen Chivasso Whispers collection has a strikng Chair pattern with black border, which is good for cushions and Roman blinds, £82.10 per m. 


Beautiful fragrance lamps by Ashleigh & Burwood. Bottles made from recycled glass. From £24.95
Raindrop Clusters pendant light by Spanish brand LZF, from
Belgian rug maker Louis De Poortere's new Vintage Collection juxtaposes acid bright colours with trad designs. Wool/cotton chenille. From £67.50
Moorbi's Corona light by Lockengelot is made in Germany from old vinyl records. £169.

French online retailer Karawan Authentic has some very smart fair trade cushions made by workers in north India from silk woven with Himalayan nettles, while Malvern-based Iapetus Gallery has exuberantly colourful wool cushions made by a workers' cooperative in Kashmir. Cushions are 45x45cm, prices from £45.

West Sussex-based artist Nicole Phillips' designs are digitally printed onto linen, as well as cotton, and she's launched a homeswares collection comprising cushions, aprons, teatowels and Aga pads. Her charming designs include fish and seafood, fruits and flowers.

For a striking designer piece, Berkshire-based furniture maker Steuart Padwick's Horseshoe chair would be a lovely addition to any room. Low, curvaceous and a fine example of British craftsmanship, it's available in solid ash or oak. Price on application. At the upcycled end, look at  Out Of The Dark, a social enterprise that trains young people in furniture design and renovation, to see what pieces they have transformed lately. You can also buy Out Of The Dark at The Mint List

A fragrant home

Ashleigh & Burwood's fragrance lamps look extremely pretty and work using a hot stone and 'diffusion by catalytic combustion'.. so if you like to feel there is some science behind what you buy, then these air purifiers will appeal. The mosaic-look bottles are made from recycled crystal and glass, and the perfumes are made in England and France.

For a carpet that is both traditional and contemporary, Belgian manufacturer Louis de Poortere's Vintage Collection is worth looking at. Classic designs become funky thanks to the use of acid bright colours - choose from bright orange, turquoise and green. Rugs are woven in Belgium from wool and cotton chenille, and prices start at £67.50.

London-based Moorbi collates and curates super stylish eco-friendly designs, with home products that are upcycled, recycled and sustainable. It works with top independent designers from around the world and we particularly like its Corona lights made by Lockengelot in Germany from old vinyl records.  Another fun pendant is the Raindrop Clusters light from idiosyncratic Spanish brand LZF, made from FSC-certified wood veneer.  LZF products are available through London's Do Shop. Prices from £340.