March shopping guide

March shopping guide

From trolleys to vases, egg cups to leafy green plants, organic cotton to cork, spring is coming and it's a good time to refresh things a bit

By Coco Piras and Noah Dugall
Block side table is made from ash wood and steel

Put everything on wheels that's what we say. The Block side table by Normann Copenhagen is one such piece of attractive usefulness of castors - and it's completely recyclable being made from ash wood and steel. Widely available including at Do Shop, around £170.

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We like to cover all price points with our shopping we'll start affordably. It's surprising how often people are scrabbling (or should that be scrambling..) around for egg cups when they have guests staying over. So egg cups...can't have enough of them. Potter Keith Brymer Jones' chicken and egg set is fun, enabling a group of four to debate that most profound of questions. Find the set at Rooi, on offer at £11.95 until Easter Monday.

Brabantia is a homewares giant with strong eco credentials. Their new flat-front graters are useful and nice to look at, coming in bright colours. They're made from recyclable plastic and metal and won't break the bank at £7.95.

Egg cup set by Keith Brymer Jones, £11.95 til Easter Monday at
Bold yellow earthenware Pop Vase (centre), £25 at Kelly Hoppen
Handmade memo board in Sarah Hardakers' gorgeous pink Star linen fabric, from £49.95 at Rascal & Roses
Brabantia's new flat graters in bold colours, £7.95. Recyclable polypropylene and metal
For crafters.. organic buckwheat husks have a million uses. £9.35 per 500g bag at
Improve your indoor air quality with a leafy green head to your local garden centre
New Roost design from Ochre & Ocre organic cotton homewares..plastic bag holder, £11.
Recycled cotton microfibre barrier mats in lots of designs, perfect for halls, kitchens etc, by Hug Rug. From £39.99

ONO cork and Tencel bags

If you're after that perfect bag to take out know, one that's stylish, capacious, ethicaleco, and hardwearing...then check out ONO bags. Produced in Bali by an all-women co-operative, ONO bags are made from cork and Tencel and lined with bamboo fabric. Various styles available, prices are around £140, and you can order online. 

Those who don't keep everything neatly filed on the mobile, and do have bits of paper lying around, are in need of a memo board. Stars & Roses offers handmade boards in various sizes, and a choice of fabrics. We like the bright pink 100 per cent linen Stars design by Sarah Hardakers. From £49.95, and they come with string on the back so they're ready to hang.

You could of course make your own memo board if you're a handy type..and if you're getting into craft, you'll need to pad and stuff things. Totnes-based Greenfibres offers a great range of organic raw materials for crafting, including organic wool balls, horsehair and those all important organic buckwheat husks - £9.35 per 500g bag.

Breath easy with plants

Recent research has shown air quality in the UK is deteriorating, and that applies to the air we breathe indoors too. We're advised to get some leafy green plants in our homes to counter the effects of off-gassing from products such as paint and air fresheners - so why not nip to your local nursery for a spider plant, Dracaena, weeping fig, peace lily, Boston fern or snake plant.

And if you have a plant in a boring plastic pot, perk it up by putting it a heavy linen pot holder by textile designer Rosie Moss. Various designs are available, with our without handles, £26.

Delicious new spring fragrance from UK candle makers Parks Candles - rose, violet and lemon. Soy wax, £33.
Go shopping and look super stylish..ONO eco and ethical bags from are made from cork and Tencel and lined with bamboo fabric. Around £138 for Cor Love bag
Moorish, new wool flatweave rug from London designer Jennifer Manners, £1,275 180x240cm
Twoodie Gems are 12 beautiful wooden 'bricks' for children...and adults. Handmade in Japan, they contain no paints or varnishes. Set costs £85,
Useful heavy linen containers for plants or bits and pieces, with/without handle, £26, by textile designer
Grandefiore Adour Marais wallpaper from Reed Harris, FSC-certified paper, printed in UK, paste the paper. £60 a roll
Made in Iceland by Railis, Eldfell stained ash bedside table with reclaimed copper detailing, from £209 at

Good to see another charming design from organic cotton homewares specialist Ochre & Ocre - now rebranded as Cottage In The Hills. The jaunty red Roost design becomes available this month, with oven gloves, teatowels, peg bags and carrier bag holders (£11) all useful, affordable things to really brighten up your kitchen. 

If kids running in and out with muddy shoes and boots drives you nuts, Yorkshire-based Hug Rug has launched a new range of eco friendly barrier mats in a range of fun and colourful designs. Made from 90 per cent recycled cotton and fully recyclable at end of life, the rugs are manufactured in Yorkshire, with prices from £39.99.

Talking of kids, we like Twoodie, a new brand of eco friendly, toxin-free, chemical-free wooden toys for babies and children that they'll probably still like to play with in adulthood. Twoodie products are made from wood, they're hand-carved and they're deliciously tactile. Quite expensive, but they will last the course.

Wallpaper is continuing to enjoy quite a renaissance and if large paintly floral designs appeal, then you'll love the Grandefiore Adour Marais design from Reed Harris. The design is printed in the US on FSC-certified paper.

And if you've been gripped by Icelandic thriller Trapped..well, you may feel spurred to make a trip to Iceland, albeit in the summer...And if you think Iceland's economy is all fish fish fish, it's not. It has Railis Design which makes furniture and products for the home using reclaimed materials including wood and metal. You can buy Railis on Oh What's This, a new shopping site that offers interesting, eclectic pieces sourced from around the world,...Eldfell black ash bedside table from £209.