Lilipad Birch Ply Mobile/Tablet Computer Holder £35

If you're always mislaying your tablet computer or your mobile phone, you need a Lilipad! It's a beautiful hand-made device holder that, being inspired by the lily pad, looks great on desks or shelves.

Lilipads are made from layers of birch plywood by skilled furniture makers Chris and Alex Boam at Sealey Furniture in Leicestershire. 'We invented, so to speak, the Lilipad because we were always mislaying our tablet know how it is when they lie flat and the screen goes dark, you can't see them anywhere! So we keep ours propped up in a bright red Lilipad and now it never goes missing!' explains Chris.

Lilipads are useful but they're also lovely tactile objects with a curvaceous top.

Dimensions: 28cmx17.5cm

Colours: white, orange, poppy red, green, black, yellow, soft purple, turquoise blue

Price: £35

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