Gtech launches Multi cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner

Gtech launches Multi cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner

After bringing us the energy-efficient lightweight AirRam upright, UK maker Gtech has overcome the tools issue with this ergonomic little sibling

The Multi does all the things you normally use the tools for with upright or cylinder cleaners

Dubbed the Swiss Army knife of vacuum cleaners, the Multi (£149) is intended to work alongside the AirRam upright cordless cleaner from Gtech, getting into those awkward spots you'd normally clean using the tools on a conventional vacuum cleaner. Multi uses a mere 100W of energy - Gtech boss Nick Grey says the electricity consumed during the four-hour charge costs just a few pence. And the plastic it's made from is recyclable.

The Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner is proving to be very popular - more than 100,000 models have been sold in the past year. 

But the problem for those who threw out their old mains-powered machines was how to clean in corners, get the dust off blinds, curtains, bookshelves and skirting boards, and of course keep the stairs dirt-free.

Gtech inventor and company boss Nick Grey didn't want to re-design the AirRam because loading it up with tools would make it heavy, and one of its USPs is that you can lift it up with a finger.

The solution is Multi

So he and his team decided to design a separate hand-held vacuum cleaner that would do all those 'tool-necessary' jobs. 

It's a nifty little bit of kit, and it's easy to reach up high or down low using the pull-out hose
Say au revoir to dusty skirting boards
No more dusty curtains. We're all OCD now...
Multi makes it easy to prevent crumbs from multiplying down the sides of your sofa

It's curavaceous, compact (just 9.5 inchces high and the base is approx 6.5 inches), weighs a mere 1.6kg and cleans for 30 minutes on a full charge.

Multi's onboard attachments include a crevice tool, a dusting brush and flexible hose and a 7in wide upholstery tool. An additional 14in extension hose is also available.

It has LED searchlights so dirt can't hide and it has a removable washable filter. Dirt is collected in a clear bagless cylinder which is easy to take off the machine and empty straight into your bin.

Deco Verdict

Editor, Abby Trow: 'We don't often test products, but as Gtech kindly gave me both an AirRam and a Multi to sample at home, I'm happy to share my views. 
'Which are firstly that I'm a convert to the AirRam upright, which is good if shrill; it's lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and great at picking up dirt from both carpet and hard floors. It's particuarly good on thicker pile carpets, fluffing them up so they look refreshed. However, the machine works best when the dirt collection trays are empty, so you do need to check regularly to see how full they're getting.
And I think this would be brilliant for my parents, especially my mum who has a tendency to trip over wires and cables.. old folks eh...
'The Multi I'm rather less wild about although it is clearly very useful, and if you have the AirRam and don't want to keep your plug-in vacuum, you do need something with tools.
'Obvious plus points are that it's great to keep it charged so if you have spills or someone tramps mud into the house, you can clean up in an instant - I spilt sugar on the kitchen floor and Multi sucked it all up in a trice.
'It's very good on hard floors, whether rubber tiles in our kitchen or porcelain tiles in the bathroom.
'It's great at sucking up crumbs left by my sons on the sofa and it's a joy to be able to clean inside the car, which was carpeted with croissant flakes.
'So it's got a lot going for it in terms of speed and agility..
'There is a tendency to leave it on the charge in the hall so it's ready to go, rather than put it away, which has its downside in that my husband says this looks untidy. But I like the sense that it's a coiled spring and there's no trudging off to get the heavy plug-in every time there's a dirt emergency.
Great with new dirt..possibly a little less adept at cutting throught more settled dirt and dust.
'I haven't found it that good at cleaning the stairs - but our wool carpet is quite old and dirty - nor has it been that effective at sucking the dust off the slats on the Venetian blinds in our sitting room. But again, there is years' worth of dust on these, I'm deeply ashamed to admit.
So I think the Multi is pretty good at dealing with new or fresh dirt, but not as effective as I'd hoped at dealing with more entrenched dirt which probably has a film of grease over it.. yuk, I'm revealing myself to be a slob.  
'And that probably isn't Multi's fault. 
'The Multi is easy to carry around and it's comfortable to use, though, again, I find it's motor very high-pitched - perhaps the manufacturers need to work on reducing noise emissions from both devices.
'Would I buy Gtech? The AirRam yes. And the Multi? yes, because it seems good value at £149, it's a sweet looking little thing and It's definitely useful - it certainly isn't siting in a box gathering dust.'  
AirRam - around £229
Multi - around £149