Clearabee removal and recycling

Clearabee rubbish removal and recycling

If you get fed up waiting for the council to come and clear your rubbish or you worry that the ubiquitous man with a van won't recycle properly, then Clearabee can help

Clearabee service is an on demand rubbish removal service

If you're refurbishing your home you'll know you generate a lot of rubbish and getting rid of it can be a problem. Clearabee is an on-demand service that takes rubbish away on the day you want it gone and the company will ensure what can be recycled is recycled. 

Rubbish can be a murky business on many levels. Because while we all get those cards through the letterbox offering the services of a man with a van, there's often no way of knowing your waste won't be fly-tipped or just dumped in the landfill hopper at the recycling centre instead of being sorted out so everything that can be recycled or re-used is just that.

Clearabee is a nationwide rubbish clearing service that offers an alternative to skip hire and promises to recycle products and materials. It takes pretty much any rubbish from almost anywhere whether it’s bulky furniture, white goods, electricals, building  or garden waste.
The company is focused on recycling and presently recycles or upcycles 90 per cent of the waste it collects and offsets all of the CO2 from its vehicles. All rubbish is sorted through and assessed for its suitability for upcycling or recycling, and is then taken to the most appropriate licensed disposal location.
The first priority is re-use, which could mean items going to a local charity shop or re-use partner. After this and depending on the waste stream the waste will go through a picking line or be tromelled. Only a very small amount of waste ends up being taken to landfill.
Clearabee offers two main services:
-       A man and van. Same day booking. Book online or by phone and a Clearabee man and van will come at an agreed time for collection.
-       Beebags. These skip bags can be ordered in advance with next day delivery and same day collection, if desired. Leave them outside for collection. The largest bag is the same size as a large skip.
See the company's website for prices.