Chop Cloc - a simple idea to cut your household energy bills

Chop Cloc - a simple idea to cut your household energy bills

If you live in a house that is a million miles away from Passivhaus standard, chances are you're already dreading January's energy bills. Chop Cloc is a new heating control device that can help reduce costs by some 20 per cent

You choose the number of minutes in an hour you want the heating to go off for

Chop Cloc is a timing device that turns off central heating for a set number of minutes per hour. So in the depths of winter, you'd probably opt to have the heating cut out for 15 minutes in the hour, whereas by March/April when things are warming up, you might only want the heating on for 15 minutes in every hour. It costs £69.99

It is such a simple and seemingly obvious idea that you wonder why no one thought about it years ago. Chop Cloc is a device that is attached to your central heating system, and it programmes the system to cut out for a set number of minutes each hour.

So in the winter, you would probably programme it to switch the heating off for 15 minutes in every house, but in milder weather you might opt for your heating to be on only for 15 or 30 minutes an hour.

So by turning the heating off, you use less gas, which in turn will bring down your bills. The company says householders should easily see their gas bills fall by 16 and 20 per cent (though obviously the price of gas isn't static), and the more hardy among us who choose the 30-minute per hour cut-off could see bills drop by around 30 per cent.


Chop Cloc has been praised by National Energy Action
You shouldn't notice any fall in temperature when your heating clicks out for 15 minutes an hour

An electrician or heating engineer will be able to fit the device, which won't have affect your hot water by the way. And it is programmed with a warm-up time, so when you put the heating on, you can set it so the 'chopping' doesn't kick in until the house has warmed up for an hour or 90 minutes depending on your preference.

The Chop-Cloc team are based in Dollar, Clackmannanshire. CEO Mark Kerray says the concept is based on radiant heat. Having the heating off from anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes an hour (depending on how cold it is) really doesn't make any difference to how warm you feel in the room.
Carpets, walls, sofas, even other people get 'charged up' with heat energy from the radiators and continue to release heat even if the heating is switched off for a time.
Maria Wardrobe at National Energy Action is impressed: 'It’s great to have really innovative products,' she says. 'With devices like this you can get people to think about behavioural change and other things they can do which together  can make a significant saving.'
Mark Kerray is passionate about the difference these savings can make to those who struggle to heat their homes: 'Escalating energy bills and increasing levels of fuel poverty are frankly frightening. At a time when a quarter of us have to put up with unacceptably cold homes because of rising energy costs, the need for radical solutions is clear.'